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Mr. Li, chairman of the company, went to Shenzhen to attend the Spring Summit of New Material Capital Technology in China in April 2018.
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 On April 27, 2018, Mr. Li, chairman of Changchun Golsun pecial pipes corporation was invited to participate in the Spring Summit of New Material Capital Technology in Shenzhen as an enterprise representative. Together with thousands of government leaders, academician experts and investment experts related to the new materials industry and talked about the development and opportunities of new materials industry to achieve win-win cooperation between capital and industry.



 Meanwhile, as the representative of the industry, Mr. Li, also delivered a special speech on the second day. He introduced the development status and future plans of Golsun to all participants and analyzed the development trend of flexible composite pipelines in the oil transportation industry. As a leader in domestic pipeline transportation, Golsun is committed to expanding the scale of the industry and accelerating the industrial transformation and development in a constantly changing market environment. At the same time, it must also focus on the international market, focus on the development of overseas business, and bring sustained profit growth to the company.


  After the end of the speech, several investment representatives expressed their interest in Golsun's future development trends and hoped to further understand Golsun's details. It can be said that this special speech was a complete success. Golsun also looks forward to and welcomes the cooperation with all outstanding financial institutions in the society and strives for coordinated development.


  In the end, Mr. Li was also invited to visit the Shenzhen Innovation Materials Museum where gathered 10,000+ top-notch materials technology, products, processing technology and design. Provides information and one-stop supply chain services for design, procurement, and product R&D personnel.


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