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In 1994, first proposed the concept of continuous flexible composite pipe cooperating with Jilin Oilfield for applications of oil gathering and transferring.
In 1996, the steel wire reinforced continuous plastic composite pipe passed the identification of new products, organized by Oil Ministry.
In 1999, Changchun Gaoxiang Special Pipes Co., Ltd. was founded.
In 2001, the first time got the certification of ISO9001:2000.
During 2000-2003, Application test of the oil pipeline and heat tracing pipeline in Yingtai Oil Production Plant of Jilin Oilfield, Xianhe Oil Production Plant of Shengli Oilfield, No.2, No.4 and No.6 Oil Production Plant of Daqing Oilfield.
In 2004, the application of continuous reinforced plastic composite pipe reached 200km/year.
In 2008, Application of the steel strip reinforced continuous plastic pipe for High Pressure Water Injection in oilfield, the maximum operating pressure reached 25MPa.
In 2010, Application test of offshore continuous reinforced plastic pipe in Bohai Bay area of China National Offshore Oil Corporation, the specification of the pipe: 4inch, 16MPa, water depth: 40m
In 2012, established the production bases in Shengli Oilfield and Liaohe Oilfield.
In 2013, Gaoxiang got the certification of Lloyd’s, UK.
In Dec. 2013, Gaoxiang got the certification of API17J.
In Dec. 2013, Gaoxiang’s pipe sold to South American Market.

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